Crossrail escalator project

The installation of three new Otis escalators at the new Crossrail Woolwich station.

The first escalator being delivered in ten sections over the period of a week, which has now been joined and moved sideways over into position allowing the second escalator to be installed.

Installation of Temporary works for Escalators
Installation for Escalators no 1,2,3 Trusses

The truss sections will be installed, working from the bottom up with the bottom section being lifted over by Balfour Beatty lifting team so we can land the section into the runway channels.

Working from the 2 ali towers each side but before any weight is placed onto the channels we will connect the 3000kg tirak. The Tirak will be connected by 2 No 5000kg slings in a choke and the weight will be taken so the CPCS lift supervisor can lower on the hook so the 4 slings can be removed.

The engineers on the stair case to the side, will walk down as the section is lowered to keep the section straight and once inside the scaffold hand rail at the top, close off the gate to seal off top landing.


The CPCS lifting supervisor will give the instruction to lower with watchers each side and once the section is at the bottom, we will use a toe jack to lift the end 20mm and place timber under the support to take the weight off the wheels.

The next section will be lowered, power in the same way and bolt each section together each time.

Top sections

The top sections will be craned directly into position using the BB crane and bolted together with escalator 1 & 3 being moved sideways into position before escalator 2 is lowered down the centre into its final location.