Environmental Policy

Liftout Limited is a specialist dismantling and heavy equipment removals Company specialising in the dismantling of lifts, escalators and associated heavy plant and equipment.

The Company is committed to minimising the effect on the environment from its offices, yard and on site activities.  The Management of the Company recognises that the Company, and its employees, can protect and improve our environment by adopting good environmental policies.

Liftout Limited is committed to:

  • Protection of the environment 
  • The prevention of pollution
  • Meeting and, wherever possible, exceeding compliance with legislative requirements and any other requirement stated or non-stated by the client for delivery of the project

Liftout has reviewed its operational activities and identified its environmental aspects and impacts.  These have been risk assessed identifying the organisations significant aspects which are subject to control and/or improvement objectives.  All objectives are monitored at management review.

In striving to continue to improve our environmental performance, the Company has debated a number of broad policy issues where for each of which we have developed a number of policy statements.  The Company will:

  • Ensure that the operations comply with existing environmental legislation and any other compliance requirement
  • Maintain our own waste carrying license
  • Remove all discarded equipment to contractors certified with a metals recycling license
  • Remove all waste oils, substances and liquids to contractors holding the appropriate licences and permits
  • Deal with environmental issues at the root cause wherever practical
  • Train and educate our workforce in the relevant aspects of environmental best practices
  • Communicate our policy to all of our employees and keep them informed of any changes, thus making them aware of our commitment to the environment
  • Review the environmental policy on a regular basis

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Position: Managing Director

Date:  12th January 2019

Expiry Date:    12th January 2020

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