Bullring Masters

In March 2002 Otis Limited turned to the expertise of Liftout to prepare proposals for the management and installation of escalators in the prestigious New Building Complex in the city of Birmingham.

No fewer than 17 units were required for installation – 7 for the complex’s new Debenhams departmental store, and 10 to be located in the main public throughfares of the bullring’s Shopping Malls. Both sets of escalators presented particular challenges.

Otis recognised that Liftout’s proposals for the task at hand, especially in terms of methodology and risk assessment, Were not only comprehensive, but also practically sound and cost – effective. Consequently Liftout were appointed to the contract.

Each of the 7 escalators for Debenhams was delivered to the Bullring site in one piece. In order to locate them into the required positions for installation, Liftout had to carefully ‘crane’ each one through various window openings – a task requiring great skill and precision and certainly not for the faint hearted!

The 10 escalators for the Main Shopping Malls however, caused even more headaches. At 18 meters, these were very large units indeed and consequently it was decided that each unit would need to be delivered to the site in two pieces.

The delivery programme was both complex and lengthy. So much so that Liftout had to arrange the administration of traffic management and pedestrian access throughout Birmingham City Centre for the duration of the deliveries. Once each ‘half escalator’ had arrived at the New Bullring, it then had to be transported by specialist jib Forklift truck through the building to arrive.

Its ultimate location – a process to be repeated 20 times! Having safely arrived at the relevant location, the two halves of each escalator then had to be joined together before the complete unit could be installed.

Including ‘running up’ the escalators ready for testing and commissioning, Liftout spent a total of three months putting their expertise to work at the New Bullring Complex.

The result? 17 jobs well done.